Our feeder service from Bandar Abas to Jebel Ali (Vice Versa) , M.V. Meryan 7 nominated for this route and has 2 weekly calls for each one of the ports.
Her schedule announce as weekly basis to all clients.
M.V. Meryan with capacity of 100 teus is currently operating in mentioned route and we are seeking to expand our feeder service For other ports in near future. 


We intend to add value to our customers and partners assets and fulfill their objectives via our comprehensive logistics services. As PAS we strive to simultaneously simplify and optimize unique and complex agency related processes without compromising our service standard. We are able to represent your interest in one of the world most unstable and challenging environments within our network using a local, regional or global agreement structure. Our offer will be adapted to your individual requirements.


From one store's door to another. Sit back and relax with our door-to-door container shipping services to and from multiple countries.

We provide door-to-door shipping to and from any country in which we’re physically present. With door-to-door shipping, you skip the intermediaries and experience a more streamlined ocean freight solution.


Identifying and plotting the risks of such projects, requires experience and expertise. Thorough organization and tenacity enable us to deliver customized solutions for any project worldwide. In consultation with our clients, we provide logistic solutions that fit each individual project.


We are active as chartering brokers on the spot market, long term contracts of affreightment (COA) and time charters against best obtainable rates and charter-party terms. Instead of dealing with several parties and suppliers during your logistics process, PAS will take care of every aspect of your supply chain. We offer you one person to speak to, in order to increase efficiency while reaching your end markets.


By launching a bulk cargo (bulk service) and renting (chartering) unit, PAS company is able to supply different types of bulk carriers, two-deck (in the size of 2000 tons DWT up to 55,000 DWT tons and  etc.)For normal shipments such as cement, gypsum, lime, coal, iron ore, cement soil, salt, grains and also bagged shipments and assigning suitable ships for customers in the shortest time.


With over 20 years of shipping and logistics experience and the technical guidance on a wide variety of industries you can rest assured that you’ll receive the best support and handling of your shipments all around the globe. From initial consulting to final commissioning and ongoing operations, PAS provides everything required to develop and maintain and improve your global business operations.


PAS Shipping Company has a powerful fleet of the newest and best vehicles (in accordance with international standards) has strong and up-to-date communications of the active branches in the ports of entry and exit of Iran, Asian and European countries and … to realize the above-mentioned authors and eliminate intermediary agents. In order to reduce costs, we are ready to provide services to respected businessmen.


The role of a freight forwarder is to help importers and exporters transport their goods. Our responsibilities are specializing in particular service areas, modes of transport or markets. 


Cross-stuffing is known as one of the most widely applied methods of sea transportation. This method is used when there is no direct shipping line from the source to the destination or the seller of the goods insists on delivering the purchased goods in a country other than the origin country, in this case, the cargo is shipped by two different shipping lines from the origin to a third country and from there to the destination. In fact, there is a need to change the shipping line in a third country, in which the cargo must be unloaded from the container of the first line and loaded in the container of the second shipping line, which is called cross-stuff operation.

The most important point of using this method is to change the cargo container in addition to changing the shipping line. Asa result of having code and number the containers belong to one shipping and cannot be used on all lines. For this reason, in cross-stuff operations, the cargo is unloaded from the container at the specified port (hub) and loaded immediately into the second container. The use of special machines for unloading and loading in cross-stuff operations and cargo security is very important. Because it can cause irreparable damage to the cargo. For this reason, ensuring capable and experienced cross-stuffing operators can ensure the health of cargo handling.

PAS has an active company and office in the UAE (as an international hub port) and is well-experienced in handling numerous cross-stuffing projects for well-known companies in various industries and is ready to handle your shipments in the best and safest way possible via it's the most advanced equipment as well as operation cost management.